Child development through drama

Edudram is an extra mural drama programme designed to develop the whole child at every level of growth and learning. This gives children the confidence to explore, not only their emotions, but also their surroundings on a sensory level. We achieve this growth through dramatic play, movement, and group interaction.

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Our aim is for children to have fun within a structured programme, to gain self-confidence and acquire a greater understanding of the world around them within a secure and non-threatening environment. Children develop physically and cognitively through perception, play, conversation, imitation, imagination, activity (movement) and repetition, and these tools provide the foundation for our classes.

Edudram classes take place once a week at different nursery schools and last for 30 minutes. The lessons begin with a fun warm up game to help the children focus. The body of the lesson is based around a theme and consists of role-play games, movement exercises, poetry, action songs and improvisations. The lessons are always concluded with a relaxation exercise.

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Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson is a fully accredited (MACTE) Montessori directress. She has taught in a Montessori environment for several years at Little House Montessori as well as educating children at Craiglands Remedial School and The Park Pre primary. She is SACE registered.

(SACE registration number: C 1094121)



Edudram is taught in the following schools. For more information about these schools please click on the images below.